Argumentative cases in playing poker

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Arguments in poker often arise when playing with friends and acquaintances. If several players do not know the rules exactly, then there may be uncoordinated disputes: who won, who bets first or opens the cards, is it possible to declare your hand after a fold?
Usually when playing in a casino or poker room such controversial issues are resolved quickly. The answer is determined by the dealer at the table. If you disagree with his decision, you can contact the administration of the institution. In online poker club, the system automatically performs some actions and determines the winner. However, if the player does not agree with the system, he can contact the online technical support.
More difficult is the situation with the home game, where all the nuances and rules are not fully discussed. You need to know how to resolve Texas Hold’em poker by the rules.
What to do with two identical combinations?
If two players have collected the same pair, two pairs, a set or four of a kind, then the prize is received by the owner of the highest card not included in the poker hand (kicker). If the kicker in poker in a disputable situation of two players also coincides, then the pot is split in half. The suit of the cards does not affect the victory; only the seniority of the card is important.
Poker controversial combinations
According to the classic rules of poker tournaments and cash tables, you must follow the exact order in opening your cards. You cannot show a poker combination at any time. Opening begins with the person who sits to the left of the button. After it all the players are opened in turn. You cannot miss 2-3 players and show their cards ahead of time. For this, of course, do not expel from the table. However, this behavior violates poker etiquette.
Sometimes after opening one opponent, the second player sees that he will not interrupt his combination. In this case, he can throw off his cards and not show them. Even if the player has made the last bet on the river and is ready to open. Knowing a clear defeat, you can always hide your hand, so as not to give extra information to rivals.
This does not apply to all-in rates. If several players have placed all the chips, they must open the cards so that the dealer can determine the winner exactly.