How to prepare for the session of poker

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You, probably, noticed that all the athletes warm up before the game, the musicians play out before the concert, the cosmonauts, before flying into space, pass a huge number of test flights, etc. Moreover, they merge not because they moved, but because they made a catastrophic mistake in the game, succumbing to emotions.
Now there is a lot of information on poker on the Internet, many resources are open and it is not a problem to be “trained” by theory. In situations where everything is about the same, in the course are the little things that distinguish a good player from the best.
Tip 1. The right attitude
Every day we have to deal with a large number of different situations that leave their mark on us, including not always positive.
Sitting at the poker table, leave all the experiences of the day out of your sight. It will be a big mistake to try to revenge on the rude boss by aggressively playing a mediocre hand. Although this situation is stupid, but quite common. Often, people put out emotions through detours.
Tip 2. Free yourself from other cases.
From the last item the next item follows naturally. Turning off all possible instant messengers, social networks, news portals – everything that can distract you.
Tip 3. All the information you need is either in your head or at hand.
If you have some problems with counting the chances of collecting a combination in poker and pot odds, you can open the poker calculator in standby mode and use it if time permits.
Since it is not very convenient to use the calculator during the game, in this case I have a pre-prepared Excel file for calculations.
Tip 4. Physical fitness
The emotional state depends largely on the physical state. Agree, it is difficult to be in a good mood if you have something sore or you experience constant discomfort. In this case, all thoughts are aimed at taming the pain, and not at the game.
It must be remembered that after a meal, blood in the body mainly flows to the stomach, respectively, less flow to the brain, so I do not recommend playing after a hearty meal.
Tip 5. Visualization
As frightening as the word may sound, but before the game I often reproduce some situations in my head with the aim of emotional preparation for them. It is very easy to fall into tilt if, for example, you have been waiting for a strong starting combination, but either everyone folds or the flop falls out that you are probably already behind.
Often the biggest losses occur when we don’t know what to do. Those. we are not prepared emotionally. In order to avoid such errors, I advise you to use visualization.