Holdem Manager

How to work in Holdem Manager 2?

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In this article I will tell you how to make your winnings even more with this program.
How to move a HUD window? Right-click on the window and, without releasing, drag it to a convenient place for you.
By default, we are immediately given 6 indicators. Top line: abbreviated player’s nickname, the number of hands that are on him in the database. Second line: TOT VPIP, TOT PFR, Postflop Agression Factor, TOT 3 bet.
TOT VPIP (Total Voluntary Put Money In Pot) shows the total percentage of hands with a voluntary pre-flop deposit in the bank. The blinds are not voluntary bets, so in this indicator they are counted only if the player has called or raised in these positions.
The optimal figures for this indicator for beginners are 15-17 for 9-mah tables, 17-22 for 6-mah. These numbers roughly correspond to the charts of the starting hands that the Poker Academy coaches give in class, so you are guaranteed to play plus. Over time, you yourself will learn to expand or narrow some ranges.
TOT PFR (Total PreFlop Raise) shows the total percentage of hands when a player makes a raise (pre-flop). It does not matter whether there were limps before him or not, because there is another close TOT RFI (Total Raise First In) indicator that includes only promotions in unopened banks.
12-13 for 9-max and 15-17 for 6-max tables are approximate figures for TOT PFR.
The following thing in our unit is Postflop Agression Factor. As the name infers, this is a marker of post-slump animosity. It is computed based on the recipe (% wager +% raise)/% call. That is, the level of rates in addition to the level of increments (forceful activities) partitioned by the level of calls (uninvolved activities). The activity “check” in this recipe isn’t considered.
The keep going pointer on which we will abide in more detail today is TOT 3Bet. At the poker table, it is viewed as that the huge visually impaired is 1 wagered (first wager); raising, raising the huge visually impaired is 2 wagered (second wager); Re-raise, raising the raise is 3 wagered (third wager). As needs be, TOT 3Bet is the level of times when a player raised. It merits bringing up that the occasions (tests) is vital when a player can do this activity. For this we require an expansive example for this player, the more the better. The quantity of tests is demonstrated by a number in enclosures close to the pointer in another expanded table, or, in other words spring up.
The spring up consequently shows up when you exited tap on the HUD and closes by tapping a similar left mouse secure on the pop. I will tell about this extended table with data on the player later. In the event that the number in sections isn’t – at that point there were in excess of 100 conceivable outcomes to make an activity, and the player utilized this open door a specific level of times, or, in other words us.